As a UX and UI Designer for Nest, I collaborated with the team to conceptualize and define innovative features, contributing to a successful product launch and enhanced web and mobile app experience.

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Exploring interactions.

Through in-depth investigations into how the Nest device conveys different states to users, we actively contributed to the development of the Farsight feature, enabling users to engage with the Nest device effortlessly from across the room.

Enriching information.

We delved into and crafted the integration of weather and time-of-day elements into the app UI, ultimately providing users with the ability to gain insights into the environmental conditions influencing their thermostat settings.

Ensuring consistency.

Through precise implementation of a well-established design language, we ensured seamless compatibility and upheld a consistent user experience across diverse devices, platforms, orientations, transitions, and states.

Nest Farsight floor marker Nest Farsight prototype Nest homescreen content blocking Nest user flow Nest interactive prototypes Nest dalight prototypes

Project summary

Since its 2016 launch, the new app and device have not only shipped successfully but have also become the definitive and highly acclaimed Nest customer experience.


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  • Concept Design

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  • User Interface Design


  • Kevin White

  • Ben Smith

  • David Schofield