As a UX and UI Designer, I played a key role in Bissell’s successful entry into a new product category, driving user research, crafting concepts, and prototyping the device UI on the path from initial idea to product launch.

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Envisioning a new product.

Bissell, a leading manufacturer of home cleaning products, sought to enter the stick vacuum market with a new product that would appeal to a younger and quickly growing demographic. With a limited understanding of the audience, Bissell engaged OST to conduct research and develop a product concept.

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Understanding customer drivers.

Our research helped us understand the customer segment, their unique approaches to cleaning, technology tastes, and lifestyle goals. Leveraging research and design tools such as the customer journey map, we collaborated with Bissell to ensure a comprehensive product journey, addressing the entire device lifespan and transcending the traditional marketing approach.

Developing customer narratives.

Empowered by customer research, we propelled our product vision forward, carving three progressive directions, and meticulously crafting compelling narratives using concept sketches and solution stories for stakeholder consideration. Each concept that addressed the basic customer needs while increasingly reflecting their lifestyle goals and aspirations.

Prototyping real-world solutions.

Employing 2D design, motion, and animation tools for device UI prototypes, and real-world testing with 3D printed models, we not only informed but actively drove the successful design and implementation of our device UI solutions. This allowed our team to address challenges like conveying device modes and battery life across a variety of scenarios, and to test and refine our solutions in real-world contexts.

Project summary

Guided by early research and sustained UX and UI support, ICON Pet emerged following a successful launch, introducing a novel upright stick vacuum to the market for a new customer segment and maintaining Bissell’s position as a leader across home cleaning product categories.


  • Concept design

  • User interface design

  • Customer research


  • Christy Ennis-Kloote

  • Frances Close

  • David Schofield