Communication materials for an evolving art department

Poster and book layouts
Communication system

This series of books, banners, posters, ads, and goods had been developed over multiple years of an continued relationship with the Department of Visual and Media Arts at Grand Valley State University. These materials have been used at educational conferences, high school recruiting events, in acceptance letters, and in high school classrooms.

Building a new visual brand

The department asked for support in develop its own brand system that functioned alongside the the existing brand of the university. We needed to capture the interest and the imagination of potential students, by demonstrating more of the creative work within the program. I worked at Lead Designer with the department’s communication committee. We developed an approach including a series of touchpoints released annually featuring student work from the prior year, complementary color palette to the school brand, and hand drawn elements for continuity over time.

Continued refinement

Each year, feedback from the students, faculty, educators, and evolving program offering informs the type of pieces we need. The new student work inspires the pieces we build, resulting in a continuous string of work connected to the previous year, but continually moving forward.

Visual system components